HeartStrong Faith | Backwards Calling: A Call To Obedience
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Backwards Calling: A Call To Obedience

This week we dive into what it looks like to be called backwards. We watch as Hagar gets called to return and learn from her obedience to women who obey when calls us to return.

Week 2 we discuss the women at the well. Her encounter with Jesus shows us that He knows, sees and hears us. Then calls us to share of our encounter with Him.

Week 3 we walk through the story of the man with demons. After he encounters Jesus he is held and asks to go with Christ. However, Jesus calls him to return and in obedience he does. This week we ask the question will we be women who obey and go even if it is not the direction we where hoping for.

In our final week we journey through the story of Jospeh. Joseph’s backwards moment is a bit of a surprise. His family shows back up in his story but as we read we see that he was ready for the surprise and the backwards moment. May we be women who are ready for the backwards moments in our lives because we know God and His word personally.

Liz Rodriguez

Liz, a girl who spends her days teaching 6th grade math, her afternoons writing Bible Studies and her evening with her friends challenging the definition of community to be something much deeper. If you need her, you can probably find her exploring this majestic world through grand adventures with good friends or watching Dancing with the Stars!