HeartStrong Faith | Breath of God
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Breath of God

I gaze in awe, as the trees release its coverings;

each leaf displays a mesmerizing performance.

Golden yellow leaves descend in a pirouette;

vibrant red leaves summersault to the earth;

bright orange leaves waltz toward the green dance floor.

Do you count their numbers like hairs on a head?

Do they hold value like the sparrows?

The trees sway to the rhythm of your breath;

the intensity of their sway dependent on

the magnitude of your inhalation and exhalation.

I incline my ear to understand your whispered words to the trees,

but my efforts return void.

Do you put off the old, discarded leaves to make way for the new?

Do you strip down the trees to restore life?

Whisper beauty back to my body,

and strip me bare of my dry coverings.

Engulf me in a whirlwind of your colors,

and breathe life to my roots once again.

About The Author

Marlene Georges was born and raised in Kenner, Louisiana. After graduating from Loyola University New Orleans with a double major in Business Administration, she moved to Houston, Texas to partake in the fast-paced corporate world. But climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t her only dream.

An avid reader since youth, Marlene often turned to books to take her mind to distant lands in various eras. Soon she started to develop her own stories and poems, integrating her love for Jesus.

Marlene enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary in the Master of Arts program. Through her writings and life experiences, Marlene desires to encourage others to draw strength, love, and peace from the Lord.