HeartStrong Faith | HeartStrong Faith 2018: Speaker Recap
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HeartStrong Faith 2018: Speaker Recap

Jill Briscoe

Courage is not a feeling. Courage is doing the right thing when you are frightened, or old, or sick. Courage is saying ``yes`` to God’s ``no.``

Rebecca Carrell

Everything in the Bible—every book, every chapter, every genealogy, every book we can’t pronounce and don’t want to read—fits together and points to Christ.

Margaret Feinberg

What matters is for our life is not the final outcome, but that we walk every step in obedience. Press your nose so tight into the shoulder blade of Jesus that you can only see him.

Debbie Stuart

I have wasted enough of the Lord’s time. I don’t want to want to wait anymore. I want to finish well.

Lisa Harper

Walk out heartache and hardship in a way that gives God glory. My prayer is that we can say ``You are enough God. It doesn’t matter if my questions are answered. I care more about being in your presence.``