HeartStrong Faith | Register, Read, and Pray: Advice from HSF Coordinator Pam Brewer
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Register, Read, and Pray: Advice from HSF Coordinator Pam Brewer

The 2018 Heartstrong Faith Women’s Conference is only six weeks away! The staff at KCBI and First Baptist Dallas are excitedly working to make this year’s conference an amazing experience for all the women planning to attend. Pam Brewer, Women’s Ministry Director at host church First Baptist Dallas, is spearheading all the details—the general over a team of dozens of volunteers dedicated to providing a stellar event. We caught up with Pam to see how planning is coming along.


Pam Brewer
Director of Women’s Ministries, First Baptist Dallas

  1. How are you and your team preparing for the second annual HSF conference?

Pam: Oh my goodness, we are in “crunch time” mode. We have meetings with the 100+ volunteer teams and KCBI every two weeks until the event now.

  1. From behind the scenes, what makes this conference a success in your eyes?

Pam: By sending the trustworthy message that you can expect biblical instruction at this event. You will walk away with knowledge, understanding, and the opportunity to gain more wisdom from our God. Every volunteer is committed to this promise. Every teacher knows this is her goal. Behind the scenes, I can see the anticipation building with every call or email we receive, and each coordinator carrying out her assignments. I am thrilled to be holding the torch high on this HeartStrong Faith Conference.

  1. What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

Pam: The VIP reception is what gets me excited. We have some of the speakers, like Lisa Harper and Margaret Feinberg this year, in the room along with leadership from KCBI and First Baptist Dallas. Seeing the excitement in that room really gets my engines revved up. I know that within the next thirty minutes our worship center will be filled with a couple thousand women anticipating a Word from God with worship and the Word.

  1. How can attendees best prepare for a successful experience?

Pam: REGISTER! And remember to pick your Break Out sessions and lunch choices.

READ the confirmation email when it comes! It will be filled with all kinds of helpful information regarding schedule, parking, and food options on Saturday.

PRAY that this conference will be a one of a kind experience between you and the Lord, that every distraction will be forgotten, and every prompting you sense will bring you to an attitude of worship and being still before Him for a day and a half.

Speakers Lisa Harper and Debbie Stuart share a laugh at the 2017 HeartStrong Faith Women’s Conference.

  1. Remind us of the details on when, where, how, and all that!

Just a few weeks away! February 23–24, 2018. The event takes place at the First Baptist Dallas worship center in downtown Dallas. We do not have any reserved hotel rooms in the area, but we do encourage those who can to find a room nearby and make it a girls’ weekend if possible.

All the details can be found at HeartStrong Faith FAQs, and tickets can be purchased here. We are so excited to see everyone soon!