HeartStrong Faith | Vindicating the Vixens Book Club: Tamar the Righteous?
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Vindicating the Vixens Book Club: Tamar the Righteous?

When was the last time you heard a sermon on Tamar? Who? you might ask. Read Genesis 38 for the details, but Tamar appears in the context of the story of Jacob’s sons, Judah and Joseph. After Judah plots to sell his hated younger brother Joseph and tricks his father into thinking Joseph is dead, we are treated to what most people view as a sidebar, an interruption of Judah’s story, by Tamar. Their R-rated encounter may be uncomfortable for pastors to preach, or for parents to teach their children, but it becomes a pivotal point in the life of Judah. How does his disenfranchised daughter-in-law reveal the true state of his brokenness, and how do her actions influence the rest of Genesis—when Judah must risk losing his youngest brother, Benjamin, to the Egyptian court and thereby risk his father’s premature death from grief? Yes, Tamar’s story lives past her one chapter.

Carolyn Custis James, author and speaker, argues that Tamar, rather than the vixen she has historically been portrayed as, became the hero of the story. Through her quest for a child through the line of Judah—at all costs—Tamar demonstrated honor and righteousness when her two husbands and Judah himself would not.

James opens Vindicating the Vixens with the story of Tamar in chapter one. Listen to her interview with Rebecca Carrell about the courageous woman honored throughout the Bible for her righteousness.

James opens Vindicating the Vixens with the story of Tamar in chapter one. Over the next few weeks, the authors of the chapters covering the five women in Jesus’s genealogy will also join Rebecca to discuss their perspectives. We hope you will purchase your own copy of the book and join us for the first HSF book club!

Vindicating the Vixens: Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified and Marginalized Women of the Bible